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It has been our privilege to support the Big Five needs of HR Professionals and Coaches around the world. Some of our clients include:

"The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is a great tool for designing competency frameworks, recruiting, leadership development, and succession planning. It provides a fast-track understanding of individuals' strengths so that they can be assigned to appropriate roles and teams. And, we have an objective way to discuss both performance shortcomings and potential. The high-energy RV Rhodes team has certified several members of our HR department and continues to share their ideas, giving us simple and budget-friendly ways to build our in-house expertise and administer our own reports."

Karen Spindler
Corporate Director, Human Resources
The Marcus Corporation



WorkPlace Big Five Profile

Imagine, for a moment, if you could quickly and easily:

  • Screen job candidates to find best fit employees.
  • Coach your workforce to appreciate and capitalize on style differences of their coworkers.
  • Easily populate succession planning templates based on individuals’ performance and potential.
  • Design job profiles and competency frameworks for hiring and development.
  • Target the potential strengths and dysfunctions of your teams.
  • Celebrate peoples’ strengths and identify how to optimize them for peak performance.

It’s all possible with the WorkPlace Big Five Profile.  The Big Five is one of the most valid, reliable, and cost-effective assessments on the market.  And, with our flexible Certification Programs, getting started is easier than you think.

Workplace Big Five Profile & Coaching Call

Learn more about your personality, while identifying your strengths and potential career limiting behaviors with this 10 minute assessment. Then, during a one hour coaching call you'll learn how to capitalize on your strengths and to build the skills necessary to achieve your professional or personal goals.

Call for volume pricing. $497



Workplace Big Five Certification Class

Enhance your recruiting, coaching and leadership development programs, while saving money on your assessment programs. Join us for three days or we'll go to you.




Workplace Big Five Certification Webinar Series

Get certified in your pajamas! You'll participate in weekly coaching calls while completing various assignments to build your knowledge and skills.




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