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"RV Rhodes has been a strategic business partner in the identification and deployment of solutions that enable Ingram Micro to target development opportunities and achieve business objectives. Their knowledge, tools, and resources are world class and they have connected us to a broad network of SME's in OD, HR, and Business roles to share best practices and leverage experiences across the board. "

Erin Johnson, Senior Manager
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Becoming Indispensable

Are the people in your organization saying this about you?  We hope so.  That’s why everything we do is designed to help HR professionals become indispensable partners with their managers and associates.  In fact, our goal is to help you create so much value that you’re recognized and respected as a critical partner in your organization’s success. 

For years, HR professionals focused on building their strategic planning skills and learning to read financial statements.  Of course we believe those things are important. But often, this business-focus resulted in HR pros discounting the value of their own expertise – how to understand people and build talent across their organizations. 

Indispensable partners recognize that they don’t need to be “business experts”.  They need to be “people experts” who speak the language of the business experts in their organizations to connect with them and drive results.  Indispensable partners understand the unique characteristics and priorities of each business expert, and they use this information to build relationships, influence people decisions, and achieve common goals. 

Look below:  Are you speaking the language of the business experts in your organization?

Let’s face it.  Performance reviews accomplish very little.  Managers scramble once a year to recall reasons to celebrate employees’ successes while creating action plans for a new year of must-do’s.  Quite frankly, by the time a performance review is done, it’s too late.  The opportunity to cheer is long gone and the ideas for improvement would have been much more helpful before a task was started.  Leading organizations create a coaching culture for more effective feedback and development, while eliminating the stigma and work-effort associated with performance reviews.   Building a coaching culture is easier than you think with tools like ProStar Coach, 360 degree feedback and self-study assessment tools

Today’s HR professionals need to be nimble enough to handle the changing demands of entrepreneurial organizations, yet focused enough to deliver high quality, targeted development solutions to their workforce.   The Internet allows you to offer a wide array of high quality development tools that can grow with your organization.  Set up a free custom e-learning campus and instantly offer just-in-time training solutions to your workforce as their needs grow.  Or, use ProStar Coach to build interpersonal and leadership skills, or to deliver your own custom-content.  These high quality/low cost solutions are designed to grow with your organization.

Indispensable partners offer more than just advice.  They have a toolkit full of quick and easy solutions to handle any problem.  Time management, conflict resolution, straight talk conversations, trust building, decision making….regardless of the issue, top HR professionals guide managers and associates through the toughest challenges using proven frameworks.   Subscribe to our QuickTools to build your library of techniques and templates to support your problem solving discussions. 

Despite everyone’s best efforts, communication remains one of the most often cited challenges of today’s workforce.  That’s because the one thing that remains constant over time is the differences in people.  People have different backgrounds, experiences, personality traits, behaviors styles, philosophies, and much more.  In fact, that’s what allows us to achieve more as teams than we can by ourselves.  Yet, these differences cause communication breakdowns that lead to bigger problems all the time.   Check out our DiSC profiles and facilitation materials to get to the heart of communication problems fast.  Many new products and programs have been developed in the last 24 months to make DiSC contemporary, impactful, and as cost-effective as ever.

How many times have you heard, “I’ll give you an hour on the agenda” or “We can’t pull people off the line for more than 90 minutes.”  Let’s face it.  Training today has to be relevant, quick, and engaging.  And, with today’s technology, you can offer robust and interactive programming in just an hour.  Whether you’re interested in using assessments, facilitating interpersonal development programs, supervisory development, or your own custom programming, check out our training solutions for ideas for quick and cost-effective delivery.


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