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Click here to download over 60 minutes of FREE video training.  Discover how to use assessments to provide more insight for your customers, while creating a thriving business and a life you love.



We have developed amazing partners with coaches and consultants around the globe. Some of our colleagues include:

"HR Stiles LLC, is a professional coaching organization built on the “Why” philosophy. Coaching is not about telling people what to do. It’s about guiding people to figure out what to do for themselves and helping them realize that we all have the strengths and abilities to achieve our dreams! The resources available through RV Rhodes, including assessment tools and coach-the coach training have given many coaches the ability to objectively look in the mirror and see success, for themselves and their clients. RV Rhodes…insightful, inspiring, and invaluable for any business owner!"

Mariann Stiles, Owner





Coaching Tools

Since the mid-1990’s we’ve coached thousands of people in every walk of life.  Through our experiences and extensive partnerships, we’ve assembled amazing tools that make a difference in your clients’ lives while boosting your business.  

Monthly coaching tools delivered right to your email
Use these turnkey coaching tools, techniques and templates to enhance your coaching and training sessions.  Your first set of QuickTools will include frameworks for Strategic Thinking, Building Trust, and Demonstrating Empathy.  Then, each month you’ll look forward to receiving a new QuickTool via email.

A customizable, online coaching tool
ProStar Coach provides 24x7 access to hundreds of exercises for your clients.  You can also share your own content, create client networks, and build accountability for change. And, it's even branded for your business. 

Watch this 4 minute video to learn more about how ProStar Coach can change your business and your life.

How To Thrive Your First Year In Business as a Professional Coach - Audio Training

Create a successful coaching business! Discover the four proven "Keys to Success" to build a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business. Whether you're thinking about launching a coaching business, or you've already made the leap, this step-by-step training teaches you what you need to know and do so that you can earn a great living and live a great life as a successful coach.

Digital Download $49
CD Shipped to You $60

Group Coaching Success Program
Ready to increase your income and serve more clients by coaching groups? Michelle Schubnel's comprehensive Group Coaching Success Program shows you how! Includes helpful templates, scripts, timelines and more that make it easy for you to start coaching groups. Discover step-by-step how to design, market, fill and deliver profitable and effective coaching groups so that you can make more money, serve more clients and have more fun!



Online Personal Health Certification
12 interactive, 30 minute health-wellness education modules that address lifestyle and behavior changes necessary to lead a healthier life.  You’ll also receive a workbook entitled “Common Sense Health & Nutrition”.  No gimmicks.  No fads.  Just the straight facts on topics ranging from weight management to starting an exercise program to health care consumer skills, all in an easy-to-use web-based format.  Individuals who successfully complete all 12 modules and pass a final exam receive a “BWI Personal Health Certificate” and 9 HRCI CEU’s.

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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall:  Using Assessments to Enhance the Coaching Process
Download over 30 pages of the best tips and techniques for selecting and using assessments in the coaching process.  It's filled with case studies and frameworks that will make a difference in your client relationships and your business.




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