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"HR Stiles LLC, is a professional coaching organization built on the “Why” philosophy. Coaching is not about telling people what to do. It’s about guiding people to figure out what to do for themselves and helping them realize that we all have the strengths and abilities to achieve our dreams! The resources available through RV Rhodes, including assessment tools and coach-the coach training have given many coaches the ability to objectively look in the mirror and see success, for themselves and their clients. RV Rhodes…insightful, inspiring, and invaluable for any business owner!"

Mariann Stiles, Owner


5 Coaching Trends You Must Embrace

Today’s coaches and consultants are innovative, business-minded, and technically savvy.   And, we have to be.  Customers expect attention, access, and a customized approach to their unique goals.  Plus, we all know the challenge of providing top-notch service, while juggling marketing, accounting, and all the other aspects of running your own business.   

But don’t let those challenges keep you from building the career and life you love.  At RV Rhodes, we’ve bundled two decades of experience with thousands of clients into coaching tools for Aspiring Coaches, people like you who want to be the best coaches and consultants they can be.  Whether you focus on HR or business consulting, executive and leadership development, or life coaching…if you’re new to the business or just starting out…we’re here to share ideas, create new revenue streams for you, and get you energized.

Take this quiz to see if you’re keeping up with the latest trends in coaching!  Then, click on the Assessments, Coaching Tools, and Affiliates tabs to learn how our simple tools can help you discover your talents, achieve your goals, and get energized by your work.

Do I provide stress and wellness support even if that isn't the purpose of my coaching engagement?

Stress management and wellness are essential for everyone.  Most of our coaching clients are busy executives and managers.  It’s amazing how many of them are living with high stress.  Their hectic lives lead them to neglect their personal well-being, which in turn, impacts how they relate to others and how they manage business.  It also impacts their ability to leave work at work, creating a dissatisfying work/life imbalance.  Today’s business coaches are introducing their clients to nutrition, meditation, yoga, and other healthy living options, as part of a holistic approach to leadership success.  They show clients how improving their physical, mental, and emotional health can have a huge positive impact on their work and personal lives.  What wellness options are in your toolkit?   

Top notch coaches and consultants are utilizing assessments to supercharge their practices. If you work with businesses, assessments are an integral part of people processes such as recruiting, competency definition, employee and leadership development, succession planning, team building, and coaching. Self assessments, 360° feedback, team and employee surveys must be in your toolkit. They help your clients to discover their talents and identify opportunities for improvement. And, they provide the organizational analytics to support an executive’s ability to make the right people decisions.

If you’re a life or career coach, assessments help clients to quickly learn about themselves and the other people in their lives, in an engaging and non-threatening manner. Plus, they add value, and therefore, revenue, to your coaching engagements. Getting started with assessments or expanding your toolkit is easier than you think.

Using technology to provide 24x7 access to expertise and tools

You can’t be available 24x7, but with today’s technology, your clients can access your expertise and tools whenever and wherever they want. Best practices coaches host videos, downloadable files and support networks for their clients. They use e-learning to build skills. And, automation makes it easy to encourage, motivate, and provide feedback between client meetings. These online tools are cost effective and simple to use. Get started today.

Group coaching to provide robust programming and increase profits

Group coaching lets you share your message with a larger audience, while providing a forum for sharing and support, ideas for achieving goals, and opportunities for networking and relationship building. Plus, it gives you more time to work on your business, while increasing your revenue. Bringing clients together creates energy that’s difficult to build when it’s just two of you. Starting and managing groups is easier than you think. Why wait?

network partners who provide product and promotional opportunities

Tired of the financial ups and downs of coaching and consulting? Then, it’s time to start offering products that create predictable, passive, and profitable revenue. Experts like you are packaging their knowledge into e-books, self-study programs, and other lucrative products and using aggressive internet marketing strategies to share their messages. Business and HR consultants are offering assessments and e-learning programs to enhance their services, while creating ongoing revenue streams.

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