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"It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of RV Rhodes. First, if you believe your people are your most important asset, you need RV Rhodes. The tools and training they have given my team made a huge difference in our ability to communicate, our spirit and our bottom line. From DISC training that showed us why we were talking around each other, to a series of corporate evaluations that showed us where and how to improve internal and external communication, RV Rhodes has helped develop my team. We have developed from a barely functional group with poor communication, little understanding of our personal motivations and losses of millions each year, to an organization that talks, shares and trusts itself with income of millions each year. We're not a perfect place to work, yet. But, our continued partnership with RV Rhodes will help us continue to improve both as a place to work and a money making entity. They are knowledgeable, professional and insightful group. They have made, and continue to make, a big difference in our organization."

Ken Morris, General Manager
Lactalis Food Service

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Creating A Collaborative Workplace  

Interested in enhancing the levels of performance, teamwork, communication, and accountability in your organization? 

Start by recognizing that you can’t do it alone.  Instead,  collaborate with your managers and associates to do 3 things:

  1.  Define your desired work environment.
  2.  Assess your current state.
  3. Take action, as a team, to create the work environment you desire.

We can make this process easy for you. 

We begin with our Workplace Culture Profile to identify your team’s perception of the work environment.  With just 40 questions, our survey takes minutes to complete. 

Then, in our Workplace Discovery Workshop, your team will:

  • Learn more about four different types of work environments.
  • Define their ideal work environment.
  • Analyze the Profile data to understand the current state.
  • Identify activities to capitalize on strengths while addressing low scoring survey items to build the environment you desire.
  • Build an Action Plan to create a Collaborative Workplace.
  • Develop measures and milestones to monitor your progress.

Remove any elements of a negative culture in your organization and replace them with collaborative processes to achieve your goals and get energized by your work.


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