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We are pleased to provide coaching and development for leaders around the globe. Some of our clients include:

"It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of RV Rhodes. First, if you believe your people are your most important asset, you need RV Rhodes. The tools and training they have given my team made a huge difference in our ability to communicate, our spirit and our bottom line. From DISC training that showed us why we were talking around each other, to a series of corporate evaluations that showed us where and how to improve internal and external communication, RV Rhodes has helped develop my team. We have developed from a barely functional group with poor communication, little understanding of our personal motivations and losses of millions each year, to an organization that talks, shares and trusts itself with income of millions each year. We're not a perfect place to work, yet. But, our continued partnership with RV Rhodes will help us continue to improve both as a place to work and a money making entity. They are knowledgeable, professional and insightful group. They have made, and continue to make, a big difference in our organization."

Ken Morris, General Manager
Lactalis Food Service

“Judi and Amy worked with us to improve our team dynamics and productivity.  These improvements created alignment to our culture."

David J. Nasca, President & CEO
Evans Bank
adaptive leaders discover your talents get a coach create a collaborative workplace

Adaptive Leaders Tackle Today's Challenges to Win

At RV Rhodes, we wholeheartedly believe that you should capitalize on your strengths to achieve your goals and to be energized by your work.  We’ve witnessed the benefits of this through our work with top leaders in some of the best companies on the planet.  They all focus on what they do best, while building alignment among complementary teams to make sure nothing gets missed.     

We also know, that in today’s world of fast-paced innovation and “do more with less” thinking, you sometimes have to rely on talents that you’ve not yet mastered and team members who are still learning.   In these situations, you must adapt to find ways to build new skills, compensate for you’re your weaknesses, fill gaps on your team, and address cultural deficiencies.  Those who succeed in this effort are Adaptive Leaders – champions of change and perseverance who get results regardless of the challenges of any given situation.  Adaptive leaders demonstrate practical, repeatable skills that breakthrough gridlock and thrive in a complex, competitive, and changing environment.  Leadership skills like this can be learned.  Anyone, anywhere in the organization can do it. 

Take this quiz to see if you’re an Adaptive Leader. Then, click on the tabs above to see how we can help you discover your talents, achieve your goals, and get energized by your work.

Adaptive Leader Quiz

how to formally assess business strengths

Adaptive leaders inventory their talents and reach out to others to get formal feedback about their performance.  With simple online questionnaires, leaders inventory their strengths and how they can be more effective.  They reflect on opportunities to capitalize on their strengths and develop new habits.  They identify ways to compensate for traits that don’t come naturally to them.  They assess how they spend their time to proactively utilize what energizes them to lead a life of productivity and personal fulfillment.  These assessments are more accessible and affordable than ever.  Why not try one right now!   

how to motivate team members based on individual styles and goals

Each one of your team members has a unique style. That style dictates how they work, communicate, take direction, and get motivated. Some are very results-oriented and take a no-nonsense approach to work. Others are relationship-oriented and like to share their thoughts and feelings. Some are calm and resilient under pressure, while others react negatively to stressful situations. Some like to be challenged by new ideas, while others need you to be cut-and-dry. Adaptive Leaders understand this and flex their approach to inspire each individual to embrace the future, accept change, and execute at the highest level of performance. Use one of our popular assessments to quickly and cost effectively map your team’s style and an action plan to achieve your goals.

vision and strategy for your team

80% of CEO’s want a coach. They realize that becoming CEO doesn’t mean you suddenly have all the answers. Learning and growth is important for everyone. Yet, many leaders fail to invest time in their own professional development and personal well-being. As a result, they end up frustrated, unsuccessful, disenfranchised, and potentially, over-looked for new opportunities. Don’t let this happen to you. Take time to build new skills, discover new approaches, position yourself for that next opportunity, and get re-energized by your work. Why wait? Get started today.

Learn how to delegate and share leadership responsibilities with direct reports

Athletic teams work out and practice every day. It’s their way of making sure they’re ready for the big game. In business, this time to practice is called coaching, training, and team building. And, it needs to happen every day to ready the team for the changes ahead. But, many times, we get so caught up in our day-to-day work that we forget to invest time in strengthening the team. This results in distrust, lack of cooperation, and uncoordinated efforts. Insist upon high levels of teamwork and actively work to ready your team members for advancement. Team development can be quick, easy, and cost effective!

how to create a collaborative work environment for high performance teams

Adaptive Leaders do whatever it takes to remove the elements of a negative culture and replace them with collaborative people and processes. This clears the way for a motivated team to achieve the goals that lie ahead. Work with your team to itemize the positive and negative aspects of your workplace. Then, create action teams to tackle the most difficult and important issues that need to be addressed. Don’t give up until the team is sure that they are collaborating at the highest levels. Click here for more ideas.


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