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"At First Niagara we believe our ability to develop great corporate leaders is a very large contributing factor in our company's tremendous success. My team learned a great deal by working with Judi Spear and RV Rhodes. After our sessions, we now have a comprehensive understanding of our individual strengths and how to best maximize them in the workplace. We also learned how to take the proper steps that will lead to continuous improvement. This knowledge of identifying employee assets in both strategic and tactical ways has been a tremendous value to our department and to our rapidly growing company. "

Leslie Garrity, First Vice President, First Niagara Bank

"RV Rhodes has been a strategic business partner in the identification and deployment of solutions that enable Ingram Micro to target development opportunities and achieve business objectives. Their knowledge, tools, and resources are world class and they have connected us to a broad network of SME's in OD, HR, and Business roles to share best practices and leverage experiences across the board. "

Erin Johnson, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Ingram Micro



About RV Rhodes

You’ve Come to the Right Place

At RV Rhodes, our mission is simple:
To provide strategic solutions and simple tools to achieve your workforce goals.

Our Values
Every day, we encourage our clients to use their core values as a guide for making business decisions. That's because we know, through our own experience, that when a group of people share a common belief system, it's easy to demonstrate the behaviors that are essential for success in your workplace. Plus, working with like-minded people is just more fun.
At RV Rhodes, our team members are committed to our Values as a foundation for the work we do. 0ur Values drive our actions every day. They are what we live and breathe.

Respect We care about people and find the solutions that promote positive, trusting relationships. Knowing taht humility is the cornerstone of leadership, we act with uncompromising truth and integrity in all we do.

Inspire We make someone say, "WOW" every day.  Our goal is to help others unlock their personal potential, to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Innovate We understand the needs of others and use our creativity to implement solutions that work for them.  We believe that life is a journey, where we explore new adventures and make our own luck.

Excel We provide exceptional products and service. Because wisdom is what you learn after you know it all, we never stop learning and striving to be better than we are today.

Collaborate We work together to achieve our vision. We create a friendly, open, and exciting atmosphere in which to create a bigger future for everyone.

Enjoy Most importantly, we love what we do, laugh out loud, and thrive on positive energy. We encourage others to let their personalities show, play to their strengths, and achieve their dreams.

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